How to Install WordPress theme

How to install WordPress Theme? We will now see how to install WordPress Theme Bellatrix. It’s actually very easy to install. We will see how to install WordPress Theme by FTP and WordPress UI. When you follow this tutorial for learning how to install¬†WordPress Theme, it’s very easy to install WordPress Themes.

How To Install WordPress Theme with WordPress UI?

WordPress got it’s very easy to use theme installation UI. This is the best way of installing a WordPress theme. If your server supports this method, we also advise using this method.

  • Go to your WordPress admin dashboard
  • Go to Apperance -> Themes
  • Go to “Install Themes” Section and choose “Upload
  • Upload the “” file and start the installation.
  • After it’s installed, activate it

How to Install WordPress Theme Portfolio

How to Install WordPress Theme using FTP

Sometimes servers do not let installation with WordPress UI. Even your server support theme installation via WordPress UI, sometimes installation fails. But it’s easy to install theme via FTP too. You can follow this method to learn how to install WordPress Theme using FTP.

  • Connect to your FTP server.
  • Go to “wp-content/themes”
  • Upload the folder named “bellatrix

When you finish this, your directory should look like this ;

wp-content/themes/bellatrix/ ..ALL THEME FILES…

So make sure, you do not duplicate the directories.

CORRECT wp-content/themes/bellatrix/ ..ALL THEME FILES…
WRONG wp-content/themes/bellatrix/bellatrix/ ..ALL THEME FILES…

Now you have succesfully installed the “Bellatrix Theme”.

  • Go to your wordpress admin dashboard
  • Go to Apperance -> Themes
  • Find “Bellatrix Theme” and click the “Activate

Now you have succesfully activated the “Bellatrix Theme”. Just following this easy how to install wordpress theme tutorial, you’ve successfully installed a WordPress Theme.

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