NEPRA Website

The Northeast Physician Recruiter Organization (NEPRA) website is a member-based network for healthcare recruiters. NEPRA hosts an annual conference, which can be registered for online. The site also explains the benefits of joining and gives users the ability to become members through a customized Woocommerce storefront.

Here, members can log in, pay and get access to a private meta section of the site where they can configure their directory listings displayed on the front end for networking, manage purchases, renew expired memberships and get access to exclusive personalized content and downloads. They are also kept in the loop with email notifications based on specific membership type.

The client also was trained to use the site which was built in WordPress to manage memberships and orders. It was built for ease of use on both user and administrator sides and includes back end functionality focusing on organization, such as a document management system and Woocommerce subscription handler.